Wow Cinemas - Global South

Sharing knowledge, negotiating, grouping

In join venture with: Rojkind, ARUP
Photo: Passageway plan proposal



The aim is to create authentic costumer engagement by cross cultural branding, a more western like cinema attending experience but without losing Indian original values and traditions. The proposal transforms common areas as lobby and corridors into wider social interactive arenas by the efficient relocation of office and utilities spaces.

Date: 2015. Mexico city - India
Collaborators: Claudio Resendiz, Rocío Ascenci, Dafne de la Mora, Ricardo Tappan, Sbeidy, David, Omar, Alfonso, Hector, Akari.
Network: ROJKIND


Research challenge on sustainable futures

México, South Africa: Sustainable transit oriented development
How Transit Oriented Developments are delivered in cities where parastatal systems are failing and the role the private sector can play within this context?

Date: 2013. Mexico city - Cape Town.
Promotors: Carolyn Sohie, Leszek Dobrovolsky
Network: Arup, ACC, UIA.