As integration of territory, cartography and agency

As the continuity of ambiences, the extension of in-out fields. As an holistic apparatus to favour the integration of systems, economies, and territories.

Rincon del Cielo

Domestic landscape

The tropical weather in Nuevo Vallarta demands parking shade solutions. This metal light structure supports retractable blinds in one direction and on top a metal mesh folds up carrying vegetation. Its repetition in row housing provides a domestic landscape. Client. Laura Casas.



Arta is a destination in demand for German and North European tourism. The old train tracks in the Arta-Manacor route function as a connector between the existing south neighbourhoods and the old town quarter. The paving intervention generates a new landscape that favours the continuity between interior and exterior. The station is rehabilitated as office space, art gallery, restaurant and tourist information point.
In Collaboration with: IOA arqts. 2001-2003
Client: Serveis Ferroviaris Mallorca and Emplacament ARTA_Description
Published in: SOFAR = México + Londres + Barcelona Via Construcción # 64, Grupo Vía, BCN, Jan 09