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SOFAR activates flexible dwelling, advocates for rehabilitation and self-construction social housing, empathises co-housing and co-habitation for the community, visualises organic habitats, and sustainable sheltering, enables passivhaus for tropical latitudes.

Hostal del Sol

Habitable showroom

Developers, Owners, Clients and Designer Architects_Location: Gótico-Ciutat Vella, BCN_Date: 2005-2006_ Program agenda: Temporary House for a young couple and children part of the year and short lease Hotel - Espacio Habitat_ Description: Rehabilitation, restoration and interior design of a 80 m2 flat in a protected historical building from 1736. The spatial organisation is redefined juxtaposing areas from the pre-existing distribution of the old dwelling followed by a set of other interventions with a flexible plan able to dwell a variety of short visitors and longer term habitants.

Luis el Piadoso

Flat deck

Designer Architects, interior /exterior design and renhancing site works_ Clients:_Joanna Coecup & Andy Cato_Location: Sant Pere-Ciutat Vel-la, BCN. Date: 2007_Program Agenda: Micro urban landscape as the extension of an apartment of a small family from London living in BCN. Description: Design and renhancing of a terrace of 120 m2 and its conection with the apartment below. Collaborators: Ricardo Solar, Nancy Ocampo_Photography: Iñigo Bujedo. Cost: 50,000 euros