Passion: Design as research.
Mission: Generation of visions for urban and habitat imaginaries.
Vocation: Divulgation and teaching.

Photo: Visiting Universities Mexico and Visiting Inter-professionas meeting at Fundacio Enric Miralles 2022


Sharing-knowledge practices:


Business touring to counterpart professionals, authorities and experts


Direction, coordination, management, teaching


To enhance the urban realm of LATAM cities based on Talent, Innovation and Creativity, with emphasis on health and sustainability


In our 4D architecture urbanism pedagogy model:

Academic institutions, government agencies, companies and citizen participation partake of architectural initiatives and urban imaginaries.

Photo: Glories-Art Nou: Mariana, Julieta, Ricardo, Fco. VUMEX-IAAC_2013.


Design Research Methodology

With an International doctorate validation in the humanisation of new technologies of transportation and communication as visions for healthier and more sustainable metropolis.

Rethinking of housing policies, proposal for productive facilities, the reinforcement of smart public space.

Photo: Model of the Incubator project. AADRL, 1999.
Authors: Juan Carlos Sánchez Tappan, Lars Teichmann and Kristiaan Van Weert.

Work Published