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Provocation as a strategy.

Competitions as an opportunity to conduct design as research. Rethinking sustainable environments, productive landscapes, architecture for short-term occupations and migration, strategical planning and urbanisation of technology, etc.

Photo: Housing Topographies



Europan 10 Description: The current global financial crisis and particularly the burst of the real-estate bubble in Spain demands the rethinking of housing as inhabitable infrastructure capable of attracting Public and Private Participation in key sectors such as health care together with corporate partners engaged in the creation, development and management of infrastructure, energy and water. Habitats capable of promoting a shift to healthier lifestyles, public-private pedagogical facilities, interwoven with commercial activities, public spaces and transportation for a more sustainable consumption of resources.

Collaborators: Claudio Resendiz Ramirez, Domingo Sánchez III, Alfredo Jaime, Jose Rogelio Terrazas Franco_Date:2009



Europan. 7. Description: The competition explores an efficient configuration of service and serviced areas to favour landscape interiors. Five different housing typologies are proposed to dwell rental social, rental residential users in profit and non-profit in single, double and triple housing . Further assemblage constructs an artificial landscape after a set of rules define green space alliances.

Co-Authors: Marco A. Velzquez_Margarita Flores_Date:2003