Studio of senior professionals with experience in Design, Urban, Sustainability and Academy, with a long-distance collaboration network. With expertise in habitat, heritage, leisure, corporate, retail, landscape, urbanism, circular economy, sports, and divulgation.

Passion: Design as research.
Mission: Sustainable Design of the urban and the habitat.
Vocation: Divulgation and teaching.
Photo: Productive landscape, Reus, CAT. Europan 10


With experience in:


We understand Architecture Research as the merging of Design, Urbanism and Sustainability.


An integral design process where strategies are visualized, research is materialised, different scales and systems merge, knowledge is practiced and divulgated.

Photo: Collab. Haro, Rioja. IOA, Local arch.


A knowledge based methodology to transform observation in design


A process where ideas are formulated, developed and tested to become spaces, experiences or products. Observation, passion, and commitment as an attitude.